Bodyfest 2021
Bare Oaks and Naked Club present
a weekend of enjoyable body/mind
activities and workshops
near Toronto, Canada - July 23-25, 2021
bodyfest cover image 2021
    Bodyfest 2021
    July 23-25, 2021 - Bare Oaks Park

Mind, Body and Spirit come together over 2 days of outdoor clothes-free enjoyment while we explore, stretch, relax, learn, laugh, meditate, evolve... Rediscover what it means to be human!

Join us with friends at this beautiful and serene property north of Toronto: Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Be close to nature and find your own true nature with a selection of outdoor workshops and activities with inspiring teachers.

Yoga, body-movement, charge-your-aura, life-drawing, balancing, juggling, gynmastics, energy-awakening, comedy, body-art, improv-class, talent-show, drama-performance, clay-bodies, dance-party, photography-workshop... Bring an open mind and open heart - we are all beginners!
nude group holding hands walking
naked yoga group on a lawn
    Follow the Flow

It is best to arrive on Friday, check in, and set up your campsite. We will have an evening gathering with introductions, music and social time for mingling. Relax, explore the grounds, take a swim in the lake. But make sure you get some sleep - you will need lots of energy the next day! Arriving Saturday? Get there as early as possible to get parked and checked in at the office. The gate opens at 8:30 AM.
nudist setting up a tent for camping
warm your behind next to the campfire
    The Universe in a Bubble

Saturday starts with an easy warm-up on the front lawn. Events happen every hour on the hour all day, each lasting 45 minutes. It will be a buffet of classes and activities guiding you through new creative experiences. Attend as many as you like - there's lots to do and to take in at Bare Oaks. The day will finish with performances and a dance party. Sunday will have fewer, but longer events, finishing mid-afternoon.
retreat event from Nclub
naked back stretch
    Attend Bodyfest!

Advance discount tickets are available via the link at the top. Anyone age 20 or younger is free. Please support!

Bodyfest and Bare Oaks are not "clothing optional". Complete nudity is required except when needed for protection or other medical reasons. We are dedicated to "Naturism" which is a social philosophy of acceptance, responsibility, inclusiveness, and cooperation. Clear your mind of all sexual pre-occupation! It is a refreshing and enlightened way of being!
naturist group at Bare Oaks
  Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Travel less than an hour north out of Toronto and you can dive into this inviting oasis of body-freedom. The sprawling property is part wilderness and part developed parkland with it's own small lake, a beach, trails, swimming pool, hot-tub, volleyball courts, cottages and numerous camping areas. The friendly and patient staff will help you get started.

    First Time?

If you have never participated in social nudity before, this is the perfect time to get your feet wet. You will be amazed how easy it is and you'll never go back to feeling ashamed to be naked in the outdoor world!
    Leaders / Teachers wanted

If you have experience leading groups in workshops that involve any kind of body/spirit movement or evolution please contact us. You would have to be available on the event dates and commit to being fully nude at the event. Bodyfest is a non-profit, low budget event but some renumeration and easy access will be available to leaders. There will also be other events throughout the year.
yoga group outdoor doing nude asanas
    Photos at Bodyfest

All photos on this page were taken at other Bodyfest events by Naked Club photographers, mostly in California. At those events, being in photos was contractually part of the event. However the 2021 Bodyfest at Bare Oaks will only have very controlled, occasional photography, and only with one camera possessed by Robert (the organizer). Also, when you check in, you can be clearly designated as a "no photos" person if this is a concern.

    Join the Photography Workshop on Sunday Afternoon

If you are completely okay with appearing in photos that depict and promote naturism, we are offering a photography workshop on Sunday starting at about 1 pm. A single camera will be used as we take turns envisioning and staging interesting photos while learning a few things about the principles of photography. A limited number of people can join the group and we are looking for a balance and diversity of gender, age, body-shape, and ethnicity. You can ask to register in advance by emailing us. The photos will be used by Bare Oaks and Naked Club to support the continued promotion of naturism.
young woman practices a yoga stretch
Meditation prayer outdoors
nude happy couple sitting looks back at us
bodyfree group raises arms together
couples massage on the ground
butoh dance practice ay Bodyfest
Bodyfest group gathers to listen to a workshop leader