Bodyfest 2021
Bare Oaks and Naked Club present
a weekend of enjoyable body/mind
activities and workshops
near Toronto, Canada - July 23-25, 2021
Activities - Workshops - Leaders
Here are some of the activities confirmed as of July 1
A file of the current schedule can be downloaded HERE Print it!
    "Awaken" with Daniella H

As a sacred self-love coach that helps people achieve higher states of being, she will lead you through simple fun exercises on energy awareness and connection.   She seeks to give people a space to learn to see themselves fully and surround themselves with universal love. Her soul-centred mission is to open hearts and spaces for people to heal themselves.
teacher image
    "Connect" with Kelly B

Kelly is a martial arts blackbelt but there will not be any fighting, not even contact with others unless they are your bubble-buddy. Her workshop is called "Connect" and she will take you through flowing movements that use the energy of the universe to connect to each other and all things around us. It is the same energy known as "chi" or "ki" or "prana". You already have this energy in you.
teacher image
    "Energize" with Rahul & Debbie

This yoga couple is unique in the local yogic arts scene. They will take you through their Five Elements experience. Humans live and grow in the presence of earth (solids), fire (energy), air, water, and space! you will connect with these elements through rituals, breathing, sound vibrations, and subtle movements.
teacher image
    Improv Class
with Lianne and Bobby

A few easy steps and exercises will get your brain synapses coming up with situational banter you never knew you had in you.
teacher image
    Hatha Yoga with Davo

Very easy, early morning, warming up of the body with gentle stretches and deep breathing. This will not tire you out but instead get you ready to have a long multi-inspirational day!
teacher image
    "Life Drawing" with Lianne

What did you say? "I can't draw"? Do you know how to hold a piece of charcoal in your hand and draw a line? Yes? Then come on, let what you see, flow out onto the sheet of paper! Whatever the result looks like, just say that's exactly what you intended. LOL.
teacher image
    "Giant Bubbles" with Robert

Robert B will guide you to master the giant bubble technique. Make bubbles 3’ by 12’ long!
giant soap bubbles
    "Body Impressions"

We provide the 5x5 sheet of paper and the 12 shades of watercolor paints. You provide the creativity using your body to make impressions on the paper. Afterwards wash off under the shower nearby. After your masterpiece dries, roll it up and take it home!
body paint pressed onto canvas
    "Earthy Bodies"

Three shades of clay mixed with water makes for a lot of creative possibilities leading to great visual transformations! Talk about being "grounded"! (haha)
clay used to paint the nude body
    Live music by Buff Daddy!

Buff Daddy will play sets periodically throughout the day and evening... memorable tunes from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
live music by Buff Daddy
    "Light Box"

After dark we will have our big lightbox set up on the front lawn! This will overlap with the dance party close by.
light box sihouettes
    "Dance Party"

If it is warm enough outdoors, that's where it will happen - on the front lawn. If not, then we can set up in the lower lounge. Flourescent bodypaint with UV lights will set you aglow!
nudist dance party
    Late night fire pit gathering

Inevitably there is a fire near the beach you can gather around. Bring your drums and other musical instruments!
nudist dance party
    "All Are Photogenic"

Sunday afternoon this group of photo-ok people will move together around the grounds and mindfully create images of themselves enjoying naturism by photographing each other in different situations. Other people in the park will NOT be included in photos. There will be just one event camera that all will share. Robert B will provide supervision and guidance for the use of the camera and setting up creative angles. Every person participating has to be 100% OK with being seen in photos. Robert will edit and share the best photos with participants soon after Bodyfest.
photography workshop