Bodyfest 2022
Bare Oaks and Naked Club present
a naturist/nudist weekend of
body/mind activities and workshops
near Toronto, Canada - July 22-24, 2022
people jumping nude happiness
    Bodyfest Schedule

This preliminary schedule is subject to revisions.

Bare Oaks Park and Naked Club present… Bodyfest 2022

Welcome to our fun-filled weekend of clothes-free workshops, activities, performances, and celebrations! All ages are welcome, though most workshops are best suited for adults. Register at the event kiosk and get your wristband. Ages 19 and under are free.

Activities are usually 45 minutes each, on the hour, and will happen on the main lawn or at the lakeside lawn near the beach. A kids’ creative play area will be available on the front lawn.
    Friday July 22, 2022   4pm +

To avoid lineups Saturday morning, we suggest you arrive Friday to check in and get your Bodyfest ticket. You can camp or pre-book a cabin or room. There is an early 9 AM yoga class Saturday!

4 pm to 7 pm - Check in at the Bodyfest Kiosk on the main lawn

5-7 pm MEET & GREET with open mic initiated by Chris. Join in if you like. The restaurant will be open for dinner and beverages.

7 pm TBA activity

8 or 9 pm Wiccan/Pagan magickal ritual intro

    SATURDAY July 23, 2022 – gate opens @ 8:30 AM

9am - Davo: DAWN YAWN YOGA for early risers.

10am - Kelly: CONNECT with universal movement!

10am (alt & for kids) - Gillian leads a TIE DYING activity. Bring your own white clothing.

11am - Rahul & Debbie: ENERGIZE YOUR AURA by touching the earth, air, and water with your soul.

11am (for kids) - Bobby leads a PUPPETS activity.

12 noon - Lianne: Learn LIFE DRAWING from a stand-up comedian! Take turns being a model or an artist! Charcoal drawing on paper (provided).

12 noon (alt) - GYMNOS means naked! Try some easy gymnastics, balance on a slackline, or juggle some clubs. With Chris, Daniel and Bobby.

1pm - CENTRE STAGE: Robert and Bobby welcome everyone to Bodyfest. Who’s who. What’s what.

1:30 pm - GROUP PHOTO on the main lawn. Everybody!

2pm - Daniella: ENERGY AWAKENING exercises with breath, eye gazing and sensory expansion.

3pm - IMPROV and SKETCH COMEDY classes with Bobby, Ryan and Lianne. Don’t be shy! They will show you it’s fun and easy!

4 pm Bobby will host The SHOW ME YOURS talent show starting with what his improv group created. Then it’s your turn - think about what you can present... yes you! Get up there and do something for 1-3 minutes. Dance, sing, juggle, recite, play an instrument, stand on your head...

5 pm – LIVE MUSIC with Buff Daddy on guitar!

7 pm BARE OAKS NATURAL PERFORMERS will present several short plays they have been working on. This may happen indoors.


9pm - Outdoor or indoor DANCE PARTY with UV lights and glowing bodypaint! And a giant SHADOW BOX! If it is too cold to be clothing-free the dance will be held in the lower lounge in the clubhouse.

11pm – Fire pit by the Lake. Don’t burn your bum!

    SUNDAY July 24, 2022

9am - Davo: Stretch & Yawn easy HATHA YOGA.

10am - Rahul & Debbie: FIVE ELEMENTS inner energy evolution with breathing, sound vibrations, and subtle movements. This is a longer more involved session than Saturday. 2 hours with a few breaks.

11:30am - EARTHY BODIES - at the beach, cover your body with cool designs using 3 shades of clay. It’s like body-painting! Easy wash-off in the lake, but before you do... GROUP PHOTO of earth bodies.

12:30pm - BODY IMPRESSIONS - Splotch paint on your body, then roll on a canvas! Instant Art! Wash the safe water colour paint off in the lake. Roll up and take home your 5’ x 5’ canvas.

2pm - Robert & Sean: ALL ARE PHOTOGENIC - This group of photo-ok people will move together around the grounds and mindfully create images of themselves enjoying naturism by photographing each other in different situations. The group size is limited and we strive for a diversity of genders and ages so please apply on Saturday to participate. Other people in the park will NOT be included in photos. All photos will be shot with cameras under the control of the event. Robert will provide supervision and guidance for the use of the camera and setting up creative angles. Every person participating has to be 100% OK with being seen in photos. Robert will edit and share the best photos with participants soon after Bodyfest.
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